"Over 90% of our patients are referrals.  Give us a fair opportunity to help you, and please share your positive experience with friends and fellow workers.  Use our website as a tool to share."

Dr. Katherine Crafton
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Studies have been underway to determine the demographics of the chiropractic patient.  The Rand study identified that middle aged, married people are in the majority.  Also women more than men see chiropractors.  This does not seem too enlightening, since I am sure that this is true of those who see medical doctors.  I have seen some of the older articles that tried to convey that somehow those who see chiropractors are more rural, thereby implying that they are less educated and more easily deceived and manipulated.  One old time chiropractor told us that it was best to locate away from cities to areas that were rural with some populaton base and less chiropractic competition.  We believe that today's patients are far better informed and, for the most part, they are more health conscious.  The internet and television seem to be promoting a health consciousness with certain talk programs and the abundance of information related to health.   I do not know if being located in more rural areas is still true, or that it fits some older idea , but it did fit us, however, we believe that we are better served being among many chiropractors.  Essentially, three things are true and universal:  patients go to the doctor when they hurt, when they have resources, and when they get results.

We were told one statistic about chiropractic patients.  60% of all people will not see a chiropractor under any circumstances.  This leaves 40% who might.  Only 9% see chiropractors, but most likely they are not consistent, or that they may never have completed a plan of care for their complaint.  The question of who sees a chiropractor is important, because when studying how chiropractic patients feel about their experience it is most often very positive.  Independent studies show that they are pleased with the results and they were pleased with the way they are treated.  So why are the overall numbers so low.  There are only about 50 active licenses in all of Mobile county, and there are thousands of medical  doctors with numeorus hospitals and clinics.  I believe there is an answer to the question and it has nothing to do with effectiveness or even that much to do with impression.  It has to do with money.  Frankly, if there were no insurance or Medicare, people would not see medical doctors as much or as often.

Nothing aggravates me more than the rural stereotype and that only the gullible see chiropractors.  It seems just the opposite.  When cities started to decline, it was the smarter ones that got out.  It is only in the media that they would have us think that  the  smart people live in "New York City" and anyone from Alabama or Mississippi is backwards.  Mobile is a very diverse smaller city with many plants, manufacturers, along with traditional education and government employees. Many of our patients are from all over the country and world, and choose to live in Mobile.  Ones patients are always a reflection of the people that represent your community.  Offshore, river and coastal shipping, energy, and recreation are part of the Mobile Bay and coastal economy.  

On any given work day I see more people retired over 65 who pay independently for their care.  At both locations the largest profession are teachers.  We see many couples and families together.

Our goal regarding identifying a patient for our practice is that we want whoever will give us a fair chance to help them.  

Who has the resources and time to schedule a reasonable amount of treatments?  Success leads to referral, and referrals have hope and the start of a belief that they are going to be helped.   Probably the most consistent characteristic shared by our patients is that they are mostly of strong faith.  Most believe that the body was a perfect gift from God and that the body is self-healing.  Although their convictions differ somewhat, I hope that all feel comfortable and welcome and that we share with them in most ways regarding the importance of faith, belief, and humility.  With humility comes the ability to learn and increase ones knowledge base.

                                 Characteristics of Our Patients

In-Network Health Insurance with Chiropractic coverage that they want to use , not lose

Referred by someone they respect

Most are middle aged to 65 

Well educated and may never have seen a chiropractor before

Have a secure job and family structure

Committed to making changes in their health

Looking for something different in both traditional chiropractic or medical experiences

Value natural health and have developed some healthy living habits

Someone who may go to a health food store

Looking for answers on their own

People of strong faith and generally socially conservative

They are hurting and are frustrated with the help that they have sought

People willing to read and learn more

People who are generally positive and reasonably trusting.