"I want patients to know that good care is a process.  You will have good days and bad days.  On the short term they could look bad, but the goal is to improve over the long run.  There are always good days  and bad days on either an upward path or a downward path.  A good day on a downward path is deceiving.  Our purpose is to encourage you to help us make this journey an upward path."    
                        Dr. Katherine Crafton

"All journeys start with the first step.  The wise person must consider in what direction they make this step if they want to get where they wish to go."

               Dr. Katherine Crafton
"I always knew it was important in my life to recognize that you only get one chance at a good first impression.  I've learned later on that this goes both ways in a any good healthy relationship.  Both parties have only one chance to get started on the right foot if they intend to get there together."

                    Dr. Katherine Crafton
"When I see patients, they almost always have seen everyone else.  Patients generally go to medical doctors or other chiropractors.  I've heard some horrible stories.  I know that what I hear is only their side, but often, what other side could there be when they are the patient and its their own pain and suffering they are left with.  Often, most all resources are exhausted.  They are exhausted and suspicious.  I would have wished I could have saved them from this.  With our success, hopefully, it will be their friends and their recommendations that will have encouraged them to benefit from what we can offer.

                             Dr. Katherine Crafton

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Intake. What to Expect


On the first visit, certain formalities must be met to establish the best relationship.  We cannot be in a hurry.  Information needs to be gathered.  Several forms will be completed which will become part of your file.  All forms require signatures.  Medicare patients must understand that we are required to have even more signed even if we no longer take Medicare.  Auto cases require longer intakes and more documentation, and, most recently, been declined.  Also you need to know your insured status and/or how your insurance works.  See Insurance for more information on health care coverage.  We will help you make this inquiry and will explain how it works.  You will be asked if you are seeking chiropractic care, general health/nutritional care, or both.  After making the discovery of what is available to you for health benefits in your health plan, the office manager will explain how your insurance works.  Unfortunately, you may discover that your health chiropractic coverage is very limited.

Eventually, we require that all natural health patients become chiropractic patients.  This does give you more frequent access to the doctor whose office time is dominated by performing chiropractic treatments.

Office Manager goal is to find a way for you to get the care you need so you can meet your health goals.  However, we have yet to discover the particulars of your condition.  Dr. Katherine spends her time on getting patients better.  She will not talk about finances.  If you are hurting badly, you may need to have help when you come to the office, since the intake paperwork must still be completed before we can start the formal process.  It is always awkward to start the process with a patient who is in more extreme pain. 

You will meet with Dr. Katherine.  Here you will be given a private opportunity to express your concerns.  We want you to describe your complaints.  Notes will be taken as she also asks pertinent questions related to your history.  Finding the true cause for your concerns is often a mystery to be solved.  She will manually scan your cervical spine and nerve root areas for tenderness and spasm.  She directs the staff to have x-rays taken to be analyzed for diagnosis.


Numerous AO specialized radiographs or full spine radiographs are taken as necessary.  At this time you may be given an oral report on the findings or this may be done on your second visit.

You will be given an examination by Dr. Katherine based on your complaints and her findings. This examination could be brief or extended depending on the findings and complaints.  The examination could include neurological, orthopedic, range of motion, leg length findings, palpitation of the spine and/or affected extremities.  You will be scheduled for treatment appointments to start within a few days or under the best of circumstances on this very day. The front desk may schedule for several "follow up" appointments.


In most cases, you will be asked to become a chiropractic patient depending upon circumstances.  You may be given a very detailed health survey to complete.  After the intake, you will be scheduled for a Zyto Health Screening.   You may or may not be scheduled for outside blood work or similar testing to help determine your general health nutritional deficiencies; other testing can be arranged which we believe requires a medical findings, diagnosis, and prognosis. The Zyto scan will take an hour to perform and will be scheduled separately from Dr. Katherine's regular adjustment schedule.


The patient will be directed into the treatment area.  You will be presented the Report of Findings and your Plan of Care. The patient will be shown the various procedures to be performed to fulfill this plan.  You will be asked to follow this plan as best as you can to make sure you understand its importance and to give us some assurance that we will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to get you better.

 Dr. Katherine Crafton will perform a shorter examination to include a leg length check and an examination of the C2 nerve root.  She will palpitate the spine for findings to include spasm, edema, and misalignment.

Therapies will be performed where the patient instructed on the equipment to be used or activities to be performed.  The patient will be adjusted by Dr. Katherine using the full spine Impulse instrument for any findings from this examination.  She will complete the manipulations with the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment only when decisions are agreed upon to follow its rigorous protocols.  Dr. Katherine will adjust areas of the spine and extremities where she has positive findings.

While in the room with Dr. Katherine, many procedures may be performed to include soft tissue work, therapeutic and range of motion exercises, mobilization, muscular work, passive or active regional exercise, full spine and extremity adjustments.  These are all represented by separate procedural codes, while unattended or attended therapies outside the adjustment room may be also be directed using separate adjunctive procedural codes.  These are done automatically, especially if they do not affect your personal costs, so we do not awkwardly announce them, nor does anyone else.  You will always be told if an activity is being performed that costs you more money out of your pocket.


You will meet with Dr. Katherine or a trained scanner in an office where the Zyto scan will be performed.  This will be a very enlightening experience.  A very detailed report will be generated from this scan.  THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL RECORD, BUT CAN BE INTERPRETED BY ANY TRAINED NON PROFESSIONAL. This report, the results of any other nutritional tests, experience, and the health survey will be used to determine your nutritional Plan of Care and any health care activity.  Please review our Supplement Disclaimer and sign. 

Dr. Katherine will present your Plan of Care and recommend targeted supplements for your condition.  You will leave the office with these supplements.  Some may need to be ordered. You may be given a recommended diet and/or lifestyle adjustments to follow for several months or longer.  You may meet with her briefly as often as you have chiropractic treatments as time allows.  If not, you will be asked to meet with her monthly in a separate follow up office visit.  Follow up scans are more targeted and are less costly.

At all times we want to effectively schedule in a manner to give Dr. Katherine enough uninterrupted time to focus on your concerns. If you need more time for her, please schedule that time so she can equally help all her patients.  All time with the doctor is scheduled and is valued at a minimum of 15 minutes equals $50.


In certain cases, you may have been formally diagnosed outside with a serious condition.  We have no direct knowledge regarding these circumstances.  We did not diagnose this condition, nor are we going to treat this condition.  You may have been released or you may have declined treatment for this condition.  This is your choice.  Our only role is to improve your general health and make lifestyle recommendations.  If you have any concerns, please consult with those who diagnosed your condition, or any other medical professional before you continue.


Always consider, you did not get this way overnight.   Most likely, you will not get better by continuing your past activities that may have gotten you here.  The more severe the problem that you have requires the most change for a proportional length of time, up to the rest of your life.  Some of the most severe chronic conditions go undiagnosed without symptoms for decades.  It is only reasonable that it may take some time, much more than a few months, or certainly more than one visit.

Only a certain amount of chiropractic treatment can be effective in one visit also.  You need to rest, use ice if recommended,   Adjusting and adjusting over and over again does not work.  It is considered reasonable quality delivery of care to be able to perform the activities in her adjustment room in only 15 minutes.  She may have other patients waiting, so she may not have time to visit.  She is always willing to set aside other time to visit and/or to perform more time consuming treatment procedures.