The State of Alabama specifically points out that chiropractors are licensed to practice nutrition.  It is important to note that this is stated as such within the code defining our scope of practice "the use of food and concentrates, food extracts." Also it is pointed out that they can practice "hygiene."  Our two main suppliers of supplements are the two most viable manufacturers of whole food supplementation,  Standard Process and Doctors' Research.  However, we have found that other manufacturers have some excellent natural based products that have become part of our total library.  

No other health care professional has it established that the value of food and its supplementation are literally part of their practice.  Naturopathic Doctors (ND) are nowhere to be identified in the Code of Alabama as a profession requiring licensure.   Since chiropractors have a license to treat within the scope of their practice, and have nutrition identified in their scope, it would appear that only chiropractors have asked and were granted that this be part of their practice as licensed and overseen by a State Board of Examiners.

Crafton Chiropractic, however, identifies to all patients that we as chiropractors do not diagnose and treat disease.  We do not treat disease regarding our recommendations for nutrition.  We do recognize the important relationship between health and diet.  For generations, the medical community in general devalued its importance.  They were wrong; they do not agree among themselves, but there exists irrefutable statistical and biochemical research.

"As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself"   

               Adele Davis (1904-1974)
"Be careful about reading a health book. You may die of a misprint."

                     Mark Twain 1835-1910
"People in Third World Countries are healthier than we are.  They do not have diabetes, heart problems, or cancer--granted they do not do well with vector and hygiene related disease, nor would we.  Consider this: they do not have health food stores, mega drugstores, supermarkets, or even Google, or even Medicare!  How do they survive?  In some rural areas of Japan and Okinawa, many live vibrant active lives into their 90's, still working, not retiring.  Some have smoked forever and not once thought about health. Why? 

It is what they do-- and what they do not do, without knowing it.  If we gave them money and moved them here, they too would get sick.  We have known this for years, and ignore the obvious.  Foods make a difference and can even nuture the body in ways that can overcome most problems."


Some foods are considered to be herbs.  We all have heard let our food be our medicine.  The following 4 herbs are popular, available, and effective when efficiently grown, selected, and combined with our diets.  Herbs classified as adaptogenic herbs and other sulfur-based high nitrogen based root foods provide similar beneficial compounds.






The Kempner diet was devised in 1939 by Dr. Kempner, a MD German in an American Med school. He devised what was also called The Rice Diet.   It was found to reduce weight, improve heart function, and lower blood pressure; yet we think diet and health improvement are not related or a new idea.  He had to be rediscovered today.  Truth is truth.
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Nutritional Therapy

Studies in Nutrigenomics and Anti-aging have produced some amazing research along with natural herbal based products that has been proven to activate positive genetic expression within the cell.

NrF2 activation exists through herbal supplementation to increase the production of natural enzymes necessary in our battle with free radicals.  Without which,  anti oxidants would be useless  past a certain age; but with the addition of certain  herbal combinations, you can supercharge your body's own  innate ability to adapt by positively influencing your own nuclear makeup.  Amazing!  Only through nutritional therapy can this be done where drugs have been found to be useless and harmful.

From The China Study, the most revolutionary nonbiased study of the importance of diet on health.

"I propose to do nothing less than redefine what we think of as good nutrition.  You need to know the truth about food, and why eating the right way can save your life."

" a taxpayer who foots the bill for research and health policy in American, you deserve to know that many of the common notions you have been told about food, heallth and disease are wrong."
                      Dr. T. Colin Campbell
                 The China Study


Over-the-counter means that if its an oral product is made available for a customer to purchase if they ask for it. A shelved oral product you can put it in your basket for purchase if you can find; it sells itself unless you request help.  The particular store prices the product, advertises the product, and encourages its purchase through its employees..  We all seem to understand this.  When it comes to health, some want to impose restrictions to "safeguard" the public while so many other items are readily available with no alerts.  

Supplements, to include vitamins, extracts, isolates, herbs, vitamins combined with food isolates or any combination of tablets or capsules, are readily available from numerous sources.  All are not even over-the-counter; they're right there in a special section. We can go to health food stores, supermarkets, drug stores, Walmart, Cosco, Amazon, and even our doctors who vary as from a MD, DO, DDS,ND, and DC.  Very few of these products are from companies that choose to sell their brand to select markets.  However, I attended a few seminars where the product line targeted medical doctors exclusively yet all of their products were supplements whose features and benefits focused on purity, cleanliness, excellent lab,and exclusivity; these are important medical considerations  These were not prescription drugs but were ways for the manufacturer to expand the market, or help their client "up sell" and capitalize on this new growing health market.  Of course, I've have been to numerous chiropractic seminars and conferences that promoted brands to exclusively sell only to chiropractors, while some expanded their focus to naturopathic doctors.  The features and benefits were usually the same,"natural, quality, food based, food form, well researched, and exclusive to the profession;" these being important to natural doctors.  Again, we all seem to accept and understand this.  All these products, regardless of real quality, are not prescription required drugs.  Whether exclusive or not, the contents are essentially the same while quality and pricing may be different as with the wide and varied range of salespersons, some of whom are clinical doctors and their "helpers."

There is no requirement that any of these products have any printed disclaimer.  More than half do not.  Cigarettes which are destructive to anyone now require governmental disclaimers and warnings however with only age restrictions; this is not the case with the great big world of supplements.  Most all must be thought as safe.  Even the great regulator, The Food and Drug Administration only sometimes offers opinIons and recommendations on certain items brought to their attention, but they are still sold in the marketplace without their particular disclaimer, alert, warning, or control.

If these supplement disclaimers are printed on the product, it is the manufacturer who chooses to do it.  The most obvious reason is to "safeguard" them from any public misunderstanding leading to problems.  They would not be selling their product, if they were somehow protecting the public from their product.  We assume that some manufacturers sell their product because they actually believe in it; we accept in our great free marketplace some products are good and some are not as good.  You are entitled to opinions and references based on price, education, and recommendations.

The most common disclaimer on oral supplements seems to be shared by different manufacturers and all kinds of these products.  It is not specific to the kind of product or among products sold to doctors only or to drugstores, Cosco, Walmart, multi-level from Mannatech, Amway, etc, supermarkets, or Amazon.  It is printed often in a box with microscopic lettering near the contents.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnoses, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Oral products may or may not be "evaluated" but they are still being sold wholesale to sell retail. "Statements" would only be on the container associated very generally to a organ system or "healthy function", but really very little detail is said, categorized, or claimed.  If anything is said, it may be some random answer to a question by some clerk.  This all seems acceptable and not risky for the public.

How often do you need to state the obvious?  Many multi-level companies train their large membership salesforce to avoid exaggeration and claims even though they may be very excited about a product or product line.  Very few have an exclusive natural product that cannot be provided by another with some unclear manufacturing distinction.  The FDA will never approve a natural product in this vast category of oral supplements.  They just do not want any manufacturer claiming and implying that the FDA approved any product, oral or not, of course, unless they incur the political and financial costs of FDA approval.

To my point, as a chiropractor, licensed by the State of Alabama, I also need to protect myself from the public.  I would not be able to buy anything wholesale, exclusive or not, unless some manufacturer was able to sell it to many other doctors and/or the wholesale community in an environment that was safe and regulated. 
This universal disclaimer may not be printed on the label of every product from this office, but it must be understood  to be the case before purchase.

 We may have had past professional experiences influencing recommendations, we can interpret its specific contents, we may help focus on priorities, we may know specific things about the manufacturer, and we may know more about you; most importantly, we are not thought of as a retail store carrying all lines or only one line of products to fill our shelves.  Most often, only our chiropractic patients are our "retail customers." These or any products are not evaluated by the FDA, to our knowledge,  or are restricted from sale or advising on their safe use.  Some products have caught the attention of the FDA, but they are not here to the best of our knowledge.  As a professional, I do not want you, as an independent adult, to purchase anything unless you can afford it and will use it; also you are clear, confident, and informed.

For us, it is important to make clear that "the product is not intended to diagnoses, treat, cure, or prevent any disease." Some medical doctors carry supplements, and I imagine that the disclaimer is the same.  They too are not using the supplement for these purposes.  It should even more clear that a chiropractor, limited to only joint and nutritional health, is not intending to diagnoses, treat, cure, or prevent anything not in their scope of practice.  It should be understood that for the people who value the availability of oral supplementation that they are made available by your chiropractor only to improve your health, because you believe, as do we, that you can always naturally improve or restore better balance.  Why would you consider otherwise the purchasing of a supplement?  We do not know what life has in store for any of us;  our health goals are unique and only some are willing to invest in a reasonably hopeful outcome