All activities and consumables can be rated from a 1 to 10 as far as whether one activity is better than another.  No one can truly follow a 10 in all areas of self control.  Not all agree, for sure, but do recognize that in areas of health something is either good or bad for you.  There is no middle ground; there is only one may be better than another, or not as bad as another.  Try to live the 10's, and be pleased if you average a 7.  Do not worry about health at all, if you choose to live life below 5.  I am only letting you know what a 10 would look like in the areas that are most abused in Western society. 

The following represent consumables that share in their addictive qualities and in their inability to be metabolized.  They are more poison to our bodies than they are foods.

Of course, eat non-GMO foods and as Organic as you can.

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Drugs may have become necessary to manage certain symptoms, but they are also synthetic toxic man-made additions to American consumption.  For whatever reason, drugs are not natural and force physiological reactions that always have a toxic effect on the body.  A dose is the language used to determine what one can tolerate, or other words, before an expressed negative reaction.   There is always a negative reaction whether you notice it or not.  Prescription drugs are overprescribed and everyone knows it.  These drugs never deal with the cause of the problem.  Most are expected to be taken forever with no plan to reduce or eliminate them.  Over 160,000 die every year from prescription drugs that are taken as prescribed without any abuse or error.  Imagine how many eventually die too soon, lose vitality, mental acuity, and hydration by being slowly poisoned.  Few understand and recognize that these drugs are recycled through our water systems; therefore to some extent on a daily basis we are all taking them.  We ignored the obvious harmful effects of smoking anything and alcohol.

Obviously, some plants were not meant to be consumed because they are naturally toxic and produce what should be perceived as harmful reactions.  Much of drug industry started and continues from synthesizing these plants.

Most of our diseases are lifestyle related diseased states that can only be complicated by adding drugs to the problem. Over 70% of Western diseases are related to our diets, but it takes decades before the results become evident.

Drugs are also abused and people become addicted.  More likely one will become addicted to prescribed drugs than to street drugs.   All drugs will rob you of health no matter how you look at it.  Drugs would also include artificial sweeteners.  All sugar alcohols are not good for you.  The main culprit poisoning America is nutrasweet.  It is a neurotoxin; its addictive; it causes weight gain and, in all people, destroys neural tissues.  

Drugs from toxic plants can also be harmful.  Whether they irritate your skin, are inhaled, or ingested, they are creating an unnatural and harmful effect on your system.  If they are not foods, they are toxins that if consumed in any manner lessen the quality of your life.  I do not believe that you were meant to be either addicted or administered small encapsulated inorganic chemicals.


No sugar means no sucrose or fructose.  These are not meant to be consumed.  They produce very acid bodies; after all, we make alcoholic beverages out of sugars.  They burn out our organs and organ systems.  Diabetes 2 should not even be a problem for anyone but for these sugars.  

Cell energy requires metabolized glucose, a sugar.  All sugars are not bad for you.  Glyconutrients are essential, but sucrose and fructose do not qualify.  Complex carbs are essential; simple carbs are more than likely just another source of bad sugars.  

The biggest areas of abuse come from sodas, candies, desserts, and shelved goods.  Our farm lands are depleted by producing these useless goods only to poison us.    Sugar is killing America and making us a sick nation of obese sickly tired people.  Cancer loves sugar.  Sugar is an addiction with the associated cravings and personality disorders.


No dairy means no cow milk products.  No matter how you prepare them, they are not good for you at any time in your life.  You were not meant to consume the milk of a cow.  Think about it.  Goat milk is better for you.  To add to its negative, it is denatured and given additives.  A mammal should only consume the milk of the same species as an infant only.  Newborns and infants require this milk for development of its immune system.  One would never feed milk to a growth cow.  As a side note, colostrum is not milk and can be a source for glyconutrients.

Dairy products produce mucous and inflammation in the system.  This is because the body is trying to protect you from what it sees as a toxic, something it cannot digest.  In children it can more obviously change behaviors and give stomach and intestinal disorders.  It effect ears and tonsils.  It is destroying our immune systems throughout our lives.  It is so much a part of our consumption, that our systems never get relief.

Dairy is bad, but not as bad when the products are clean raw, whole fat, fermented, unpasteurized, and without additives.  A 10 regarding the subject of dairy consumption is no dairy.  Very little is better, and if what you consume is more natural, more aged, and clean is it better, but still a stressor for the body.  Who doesn't love cheese, but cheese consumption has sky-rocketed beyond any reason but to addict the masses.  It does not do a body good.


No gluten means no wheat or wheat like grains producing this sticky mucus building substance which is a symptom of its negative reaction to our intestinal lining.  All people have a negative reaction to gluten, a lectin.  Most people do not necessarily have what one would call a negative symptom.  For most it is just a slow kill; most will never know what it is like to have normal frequent bowel movements because of gluten and processed dairy. Beans and grains are naturally protected by lectins; they produce bowel inflammation.  It is important to soak these over night.  It promotes sprouting removing the lectin.  Lectins are designed in nature to protect the seed for its survival.

Today's wheat is like a weed; it is as ancient of a grain to which we have adapted.  It brings with it many negative reactions. 

We require healthy plant fiber in our gut for healthy and critically necessary immune and brain functions. www.drperlmutter. com 


No meat means that we are not to eat the flesh of animals and expect to be as healthy if we were to elect to eat the fruit of the land.  It is simple.  We can eat flesh but our systems are less designed to consume meat.  We have long complicated digestive systems.  Carnivores have short digestive tracts with high acid systems.  We would not think of ourselves consuming a carnivore because the flesh is unhealthy.  It's what the animal eats that determines its flesh, and large grazing animals eat plants.  Having built a society upon eating meat has produced many very harmful toxic problems for our environment and our overall health.  We adapt to survive, but what we do to survive may not be healthier.

We can only digest small amounts of protein in a meal.  The energy lost is far greater than the gain. The China Study is the most definitive study ever brought forth on the negative effects of eating meat.

It is better to eat less than more.  It is better to eat organic, clean, no GMO, without hormones, and other additives.  A 10 is eating no red meat, while a 8 or 7 would be eating very very little clean grass-fed meat.  Red meat includes bison, wild game, cattle, goats, mutton, and of course, pork.  All these vary in their negative effects.  

Chicken and fish are not considered red meat.  Chicken is for the most part a polluted industry.  All chicken has arsenic in it, and they do not have to tell you.  It may be worse for you than red meat unless it can be raised more naturally.  Fish in small portions, however, can be good for you.  "Farm raised" anything is bad for you;  farmed raised in a third world country fish goes without saying.  It's fish raised in a sewer with chemicals by people who do not care.  There are plans for GMO salmon and they do not have to tell you.

Small amounts of fresh fish from the wild can be consumed with some reasonable expectation of benefit.  Small amounts of clean fresh fish from the wild in untainted waters can be considered a 10 or 9 depending how clean it can be found and then prepared.