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the superfoods

All supplements must be food sourced to be effective.  This could include herbs, extracts, or isolates from a whole food source.  It could never include the synthesized or test tube vitamins.  Minerals should come from the consumption of whole food, plants from healthy soil or water, no matter how you refine it.  The top five core means what we believe is the most important for all people given our region and our Western lifestyles.  Also it considers the diseases that seem to be more common for us.  Targeted supplements are taken temporarily to meet a short term goal such restoring organ or organ system function.  Core means that it is taken forever.  They are in order of their priority, and of course, all people are different.  If you truly make this investment and become self-disciplined to follow through, you will benefit greatly.






1. NrF2 activators are a new science and old tradition combined.  This herbal blend promotes anti-aging by making all anti-oxidants actually work more effectively.  They do not work well otherwise.  These blends promote the development of natural enzymes such as SOD influencing our DNA.  It influences all functions and protects you from oxidative stress and disease.  It's secret is the modulation of enzyme activity.  Many of the herbs combined to produce this effect are readily available in supplementation.

2. Most synthesized vitamins and mineral blends are a waste of money.  There are far too many chemicals involved.  They are cheap to make and most do not even have what they say they do which ironically is a good thing.  Do not waste any resources on them if they have chemical vitamins and rock minerals.  Only a few companies make a true whole food supplement and they do not sell to the public.  The labelling could deceive an expert.  Doctors Research and Standard Process are the most reliable sources of a true food form vitamin mineral complex.  I do not care what others are telling you; most are lying and just repeating what they were told; they do not know their biochemistry and their organic chemistry.  Nutrients are only grown in nature.
We do not get enough nutrients from today's grown foods.  The soils are depleted and have been for generations.  Foods containing nutrients are organic and their chiral chemistry is uniquely metabolized by the body; the root of all nutrition has its origins in plant organic chemistry.

One must add Vitamin C to their supplementation but today we should know to avoid corn based products, any GMO products.  Seek the few choices that are non-gluten and non-GMO.  Also seek a buffered source.  Benefits are gained from mega supplementation exceeding 1000 mg so look to powders.  This is one exception to being able to gain benefits from a synthesized vitamin, but never feel that you can avoid ripe foods containing vitamin C.  Humans essentially must get their vitamin C from their diet; it's essential because our body neither makes it nor stores it for very long.

3. Glyconutrition is new science again.  Few have only known this for 20 years, most still do not know this.  Not all sugars are bad for you.  The science of sugar is complex and it represents what is essential about plant based food.  Certain non-sweet sugars, non-toxic, in nature were not designed just to produce energy; they are designed to provide protection for  the cell membrane and to become part of internal communication system from cell to cell.  This is heart of body's immune system that cleans and protects us from cellular dysfunction.  It also helps us to reprogram the DNA to be able to adapt positively to environment changes.   Negative environment stresses can denature the cell and mutate the DNA.  Glyconutrient ingestion protects the cell from toxins and bacteria/viral activity.  They are proven important in combating neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. They are at the heart of why Mother's Milk is essential from any mammal to its own kind.  The most current copies of the standard biochemistry textbook, Harper's, have a whole chapter on this science.  The company Mannatech established a powdered supplement called Ambrotose from isolating mannose from Aloe Vera. They made a blend of what are called essential glyconutrients, because it was found that the body benefits from their ingestion.  One of the most effective is Beta Glucan.   There are more sources for these and it is sometimes difficult to know the quality you are receiving because of cost factors and ethics issues. 
Transfer Factor for Beta Glucans is the most reliable.  Mannatech's ambrotose has been our source for all essentials in a blend.  Follow the label for management; if you have a significant health concern, they must be increased.  These would be seen by most people as expensive products, but they work well.  It is difficult to consistently find a plant food source in the market that you know will delivery the goods.  This is why is it on the list as a top supplement of an important nutrient.

4. Green Drinks are simple and readily available.  Most add many beneficial anti oxidants and other ingredients to improve digestion and to include phytochemicals from the colorful plants that protect our cells.  They detox the body, help with weight loss, give natural energy, and make up somewhat for not eating enough vegetables.  This is important because it is, for the most part, the predominant thing we should eat.
  Juicing raw fresh veggies promotes health, but often, this is difficult to maintain so this category of dyhydated organic colorful veggies such as the superfoods, beets, barley green, chlorella, spirulina, blue green algae can help.

5. Omega 3 is from healthy oils.  Omega 3 is good for the brain and heart.  We do not get enough of this oil naturally.  Good sources come from deep water fish.  Salmon, krill, cod, and  tuna are used.  It must be fresh.  Look for sources tested to exclude heavy metals.  Look for the best balanced EPA and DHA ratio.  Flax seed is helpful as a secondary source.  Natural Vitamin E can be helpful as well as Vitamin D.   These are all oil based, but one always must look to the quality and the natural source.  Good oils can be added from cold pressed virgin organic olive oil.  Healthy oils can become a very involved area of concern.  At least take a good Omega 3.  There are any number of reliable manufacturers, but it would not necessarily be on the shelf in the drug store.  All manufacturers we represent have very good products.  It's important to find one and use it.