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Dr. Katherine Crafton  D.C., B.C.A.O. received special certification to perform Atlas Orthogonal work and maintains her certification with this instrument based discipline for the last 14 years.  This originally required an additional two years from her D.C. degree, the purchase of the special A.O. table, and the necessary continuing education in A.O. yearly in Atlanta.  

She is able to accept referrals in all upper cervical techniques, NUCCA, GROSTIC, TOGGLE, KNEE-CHEST, ORTHOSPINOLOGY, ADVANCED ORTHOGONAL, EPIC, AND ATLAS ORTHOGONAL with each sharing in the basic Grostic analysis. Each upper cervical provider is unique with many only offering the one adjustment to the C0-C2 complex while others are more diversified.  Please review our website to become more familiar with our operation.

She also works full spine instrument based practice taking BCBS for a large part of her practice; however, to provide specific upper cervical work she cannot do this.  To provide the rigors of this discipline, she cannot use BCBS insurance procedural codes as they will not reimburse for the time and specialized skill involved.

An upper cervical specialist is difficult to find and we want to offer these services. Special upper cervical x-rays are required and can be scheduled only in the Mobile office.  As a New Patient intending to complete a plan of care, we must approve those brought into our office.  These are filed in our office with your records.  If you are a one time patient, as a courtesy, we will adjust you with your vector findings (listings) as best we can; however, we do not consider you our patient unless we have full control over your chiropractic plan of care.  No post views are taken for the one time courtesy adjustment.

There is an estimated $400 charge for basic protocol requiring the necessary x-rays, initial intake, analysis, report of findings, and the one adjustment.  This entire procedure needs to be specially scheduled for the necessary time and we require advanced direct confirmation two days prior to your scheduled appointment.   Subsequent follow up visits are much less depending on your needs.

Estimate and minimum fees are determined from our published fee schedule.

All patients are different, and there may be other adjustments that the doctor may recommend.  After conferring with you, she may suggest this and inform you of the additional costs.  These additional adjustments may increase costs;  any extremity adjustment is an additional charge.

*On very rare occasions, for an active BCBS patient electing full chiropractic care along with the specialized A.O. care, some costs may be influenced by in-network adjustments when filed.  This can be evaluated on your intake.   Each policy is different.