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Handicap Policy

Our property has been a physician's office many years and currently meets all standards for the time that it was first operational as a physician's office.  This means that it does not formally meet current handicap standards required of new offices or facilities being changed under a building permit.  We may not see some handicapped patients that require approved ramps and restroom facilities for wheelchair patients or some patients with walkers; however, we have modified one restroom with handicap friendly features.  We had a small ramp added to the front

If you still wish to see Dr. Crafton, we will do the best we can to service your needs, but you would need to agree to being seen in an environment that does not meet formally these guidelines and we need the confidence and security of presenting our care within our scope of practice and as insured. 

There are no steps to access the front door, but there is a small ramp to access the five inches up from the parking lot to the sidewalk surrounding the building.  Some things, however, are not as convenient.  It could be difficult to use the restroom if you are unable to leave a wheelchair or walker for a few steps to use the toilet.  The restroom is very attractive, tiled up the walls with new fixtures, and has a well secured rail alongside the walls next to the toilet.  The door is wider and opens out into the hall so a wheelchair can access it, but you need to be able to meet your own private needs.

We have a hyperbaric chamber HBOT requiring one entering and exiting from the floor level being able to rise from prone or supine posture without a bar to pull themselves up.  The chamber is fragile and cannot be used to pull yourself up.  We have no staff strong enough to pull anyone to an elect posture.  Wheelchair bound are most likely unable to use this.

If you are unable to leave your wheelchair and support your weight, you will need to bring assistance with you to the office as we do not have the staff to assist you about the office and/or from the parking lot to the front door.  We can reasonably help patients on and off tables given their size, but our full time staff has inherent physical limitations.

There are carpets throughout, so one needs use a walker or cane carefully, or they need to raise their feet to avoid tripping, such as "foot drop", and not rely on grabbing the walls or furniture for support.

Our facility does not provide care for emergency treatment.  Only hospitals are equipped with the personnel and equipment for life support and contagion.  They have the appropriate insurance.  Anytime the patient has severe pain graded at  9 or 10 on a scale of 10, lost the ability to support themselves, body fluid loss, a fever, a severe cough and sneezing, or any condition that may threaten  life support or indicate contagion, the patient must go to the emergency room of the local hospital.  We cannot treat people who present with these conditions.  All people should be able to benefit from chiropractic even those diagnosed with serious life threatening conditions, but there may be a point where we could only treat in a hospital with its life supporting equipment and larger support systems; this, however, is not the world we live in.

The facility has numerous hand disinfectant dispensers around the office area.  Patients and staff are encouraged to use these and to use the restroom and other sinks to wash their hands.  Equipment is cleaned and wiped off with disinfectant towelettes.

We are grandfathered under previous standards not requiring us to make additional structural changes for the handicapped, although we anticipate that we would elect to make more changes in the future.  Our new facility is far safer and more convenient than our previous leased locations, all of which were inspected. 

The property has been inspected by the insurers, and privately before purchase, and meets all safety standards, exceeding by far its previous condition.  It now has security deadbolts that can be locked and opened with latchs from the inside guaranteeing quick exit from the building.  It has lighted exit signs and a new smoke detectors throughout the facility.  There is no mold in the building  and the vents have been cleaned with filters changed monthly. 

We see patients who have MS  and some elderly.  Few chiropractor's patients are bound to wheelchairs; most are able to still leave the chair for their personal needs.  MS patients vary in their limitations; some have walkers, while others may be just unsteady.  All have been informed and are asked to sign an agreement.    We hope to see all people who seek our services, but all facilities and practices have inherent limitations. 

We do not wish to subject anyone to any awkward or embarrassing situations, so please make inquiries if you suspect that we would not be able to meet your needs.