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The Posture Pump has become a very reliable, easy to use, and effective device to improve lordosis in the cervical and lumbar spine.  Unlike linear traction, the device promotes extension as it opens up disc space to relieve stress, improve function and promote hydration of the disc. 

The device is lightweight and easily put into your luggage.  Ten minutes daily performing the prescribed exercises over time will improve your condition. Short gradually increased repetitive actions work better than overdoing and only occasional use.  It took you some time to get the way you are, and it will take time to see improvement.  You would not expect to have an orthodonist try to move misaligned teeth overnight;  your cervical spine will similarly requires time to make adjustments to the corrections.  At one time all cervical spines were curved back in extension, so it is by design and adaptation that good health requires returning it back to this posture. 

Loss of the lordotic curve is associated with headaches, degenerative disc disease, TMJ, chronic neck pain, hypermobility, and kyphosis of the thoracic spine. WWW@POSTUREPUMP.COM