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When a patient seeks chiropractic health care and we accept a patient for such care, it is essential for both to be working toward the same objective.  It is important that each patient understand the objective, method, and their limitations.  This should prevent any confusion or disappointment.  You have the right to be informed about the condition of your health and the recommendations and treatment to be provided so you may make your decision whether or not to undergo chiropractic health care after being advised of the known benefits, risks, limitations, and alternatives.

Chiropractic is a science and art which concerns itself with the relationship between structure (spine and joint articulation)  and function (nervous system) as that relationship may influence the restoration and preservation of health.  Health (being healthy) is a state of optimal physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the perception of the absence of disease or infirmity.  We are performing chiropractic activities to make you "healthier." Chiropractic care differs distinctively from allopathic medical care and is viewed as a"separate and distinct" health care option limited by each state as to its scope of practice. Chiropractors in all states do not require a referral to see a patient.  Chiropractors and medical doctors each have a clinical doctorate, state licensure, and can perform necessary defined distinct professional services; both are "separate and distinct," yet are included  in most health insurance plans, most often sharing the same Major Medical Deductible.

Chiropractic care performed in our office is a process, a series of treatments, called a "plan of care"; it is not a one visit activity.  It is most closely associated with the delivery of Physical or Occupational Therapy sharing the same diagnostic and procedural codes within the category of "Physical Medicine" used by most carriers.  All chiropractic treatments and health activities are thought as "healthy", appropriate, and beneficial to most all people.  Chiropractic x-rays and examinations are performed only to determine chiropractic specific joint issues for which we can diagnose and treat. This activity can be considered restorative such as exercise, good nutrition, hygiene, and movement.  This is by design distinct from most all medical treatments.  No one would imagine that they would perform surgery or prescribe medication to just anyone. All activities here are performed to improve on one's general health and to improve ones function.  Medicines and surgery are introduced exclusively by medical doctors only, and are considered necessary to manage negative symptoms, alleviate relentless pain,  repair damage, or restore life support for their own findings regarding far greater interventions for far more threatening issues.

Chiropractors can treat joint dysfunction for reasons diagnosed by the presence of pain or restriction of movement.  A "subluxated" segment is only a descriptor used by many chiropractors to refer to the joint and/or segment deviated from a normal or a healthier position without having torn or traumatized tissue.  Dr. Shu in NHI study found that a dime's worth of pressure on a nerve reduced its function up to 60%.  Most of our patients present to some varied degree an aggravated chronic condition with both pain and dysfunction.

Our method of correction for chiropractic specific treatment is performed using  specialized instruments.  In addition, ancillary modalities, such as physiotherapy procedures, are an essential part of the care. If during the plan of care or at its completion, we suspect non-chiropractic issues or that we are not progressing well, your insurer or we, as the provider, will advise you to seek the services of another provider.

All questions regarding the doctor's objective have been answered to my complete satisfaction.  The benefits, risks, and alternatives have been explained to my satisfaction.   I have read and fully understand the above statements.  I have been asked to review Dr. Katherine Crafton's website, to review any detailed information as a condition of my acceptance as a patient.  Instrument adjustment is much safer since less force and more accuracy are required.  If you are sore and in pain, the adjustment and therapies are safe but may be uncomfortable.  Dr. Katherine did not create the pain or soreness, but you may be sensitive to the touch.  Some people may have to resolve the most acute pain phase before they can benefit from chiropractic care.

All recommendations, education, nutritional supplementation, encouragement, or use of health equipment for the purposes of your general well being are consistent with our scope of practice; they are not to be considered a diagnosis or treatment of disease.  We view the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases of internal medicine, disease identified exclusively by medical testing, and their specific treatment as an exclusively medical activity.

We do not "cure" or guarantee any outcome to any patient's particular satisfaction.  "Cure" does not apply to the language of any natural care provider, since no matter what's done, the body's own systems best establish its ability to restore homeostasis.  Your preconditional status and the quality, extent, and degree of intervention and your compliance influence any outcome.  In a free society, people have an inherent right and the free will to make their own lifestyle choices regardless of what others may advocate for your best interests.  Question everyone and seek information from many similar yet diverse sources.


Consent to evaluate and adjust a minor  (BCBS has refused claims to children under 5)

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