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Medication is strictly a medical intervention.  Many people highly value the availability of prescription drugs and the anticipation of what a drug may be able to do.  Media attempts to portray their benefits in magazines and television.  The vast majority of Medicare participation on a regular basis is represented by the proliferation of medications.  As chiropractors, we have strong views on the use of medications, and it is common that our patients have expressed trying to avoid medications as they seek more natural ways to deal with health challenges.
Medications are highly regulated requiring a prescription with an understanding that a medical doctor is supervising your reactions.  They determine a "dosage" because there can be a negative response.  Medications, by nature, are synthetic chemicals that force a specific physiological reaction in an attempt to control the body's ability to regulate itself.  This is very much the basis of the medical profession only.  Many drugs are based on synthesizing herbs and controlled chemicals which initially have non-medical applications; to put it another way, they are toxic by nature and must be managed by the responsible party only.

When you seek advice from a chiropractic doctor, please understand that we may have some knowledge about the situation, but we cannot risk any misunderstanding.  The medical doctor is the responsible party, because you are taking their recommended medication.  By doing so, you are his/her patient with regards to this medication.  Any inquiry into this situation must be directed to this prescribing medical doctor.

Seeking natural supplementations, herbs, and/or lifestyle advice is a chiropractic activity in most states, but whenever you inquire about reactions to medications, this can only be directed to the medical doctor.  Anything recommended by a chiropractor can be offered by most retail establishments, so they are safe enough to be sold by non-professionals and various websites.  Most labelling has "disclaimers" and may provide only generalized health benefits.  Their effect takes time and repeated use, and often goes unnoticed varying greatly per individual.  We use our clinical experience, questionnaires, transdermal bioscans, muscle kinesiology, and outside blood testing as the basis of these recommendations.  There exists a great body of research on natural products throughout the world, and we participate with like-minded clinical doctors in sharing information that may help our patients.  We are not "prescribing" these items or recommending "dosage"; these terms could mislead patients.  These are strictly medical terms.

We do not diagnose or treat disease.  Any diagnosis you received was from a medical doctor is not being treated by Dr. Crafton. Seek out your medical doctor for any specific advice regarding your medication.  We would never recommend cutting back or stopping your medication.  Medication has two generalized applications, (1) short term and (2) long term.  It is always appropriate to ask your medical doctor "how long do I need to take these medications, what can I do to eventually not have to take these medications, do you know of any problem taking natural products would have with my medications, and what are any negative effects in takings these medications on the short term and long term?" 

Although very safe, natural products are very complicated in their metabolism, as are foods; however,  most anyone feels like they can recommend and advise.  The time has passed when a professional can discount their potential value.  Few have either the coursework and clinical experience to offer helpful opinions.  Read and inform yourself; please seek the opinions of those people you value.  Medications or prescribed drugs use are medically professional inquiries.

I have read the following, understand, and waive any responsibility for taking recommended supplements, herbals, and/or making lifestyle changes made in the efforts to improve my general health.


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