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"Look to your health: and if you have it praise God and value it; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, a blessing many can't buy."
            Izaak Walton  1593-1683
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Health Topics

The two most overwhelming natural health discoveries are relatively recent.  Like most discoveries, science leads the way, and medicine lingers far behind. Do not be surprised that few physicians know about these discoveries and how they can change your health.


The discovery of the role of glyconutrients in the body.  Healthy sugars modulate cellular activity.  These sugars are essential to cellular communication.  The body needs these outside phytochemicals from our food or food sourced supplementation for the immune system to function as designed.


Anti-oxididants are ineffective.  They cannot keep up with free radical activity from oxidative stress. Without modulation of certain survival genes and the corresponding enzyme activity, free radical damage goes unchecked.   Certain specific combinations of antagenic herbs can modulate this activity and can be shown and measured to increase enzyme activity which keeps free radicals in check.  This knowledge has important ramifications in the treatment of degenerative diseases and anti-aging.  Essentially, it says you cannot overcome these problems without activating your body's own ability to produce these enzymes. 

UPCM Health Plan Physician Partner Update

Mandating Chiropractic...Before Surgery

     The health plan covering the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center adopted the following guidelines in the management of chronic low back pain.  As of January 2012, all candidates for spinal surgery must have "tried and failed a 3-month course of conservative management that included physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and medication."

Candidates must "understand the pros and cons of surgery and high tech radiology."

"It is the policy of UPMC Health Plan to recognize chiropractic services and adjunctive procedures as appropriate and consistent with good medical practice and will provide coverage...."

" ...Manipulation is appropriate to restore function that has been reduced or lost by illness or injury...Adjunctive procedures are appropriate to restore function and prevent disability."

March 29, 2012 Episodes of "The Doctors"

"That pain may not be what You Think"

This program emphasized that what goes on in one part of the body can affect other parts of the body, and pain in one area may be caused by a problem somewhere else.  This chiropractic centric theme is consistent with the segments theme presented by Dr. Stock, host and MD.


Reuters "Special Report: A Prescription for Corruption." Feb.28.,2012 sites evidence that the top 10 Drugmakers have been warned by the U.S. Securities and Exchange of potential costs due to bribery charges overseas.  In the last several years, Big Pharna was sixth on the Bribe Payers Index.  Total drug sales will near a trillion dollars, and they are now out to dominate the overseas market.  These bribes go to politicians, researchers, and medical doctors.  A Serbian cancer doctor was outed for taking $660,000 in bribes as incentives to use their products; he committed suicide.  They expect to gain over $200 billion in sales in just Serbia.  "If you think drugs are effective, why is it that they must use these tactics which obviously fail to get on the news and other major media outlets."