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The Tytron is used for chiropractic examinations, while the Meditherm is used for full body scanning to detect the likelihood of metabolic conditions.  They use similar technology, infrared measurements of heat and transfer to a graph and a body image showing the inflamed area.

We no longer use the Tytron because it required extra time and it was not reimbursed by insurance.

The Tytronic spinal thermoscan passes over the skin over the spinal column along the right and left nerve root areas detecting heat changes on the surface of the skin through infrared technology.  It has been shown through studies that there is a correlation between segmental elevated temperature changes and spinal subluxations.  When corrected these temperature levels change.  It is a useful tool for pre and post monitoring of care.  The studies display on the monitor and are recorded.  They are helpful in showing the present of inflammation.


The Meditherm study is performed by a specially trained clinician outside our office who schedules patients for Digital Infrared Thermal Body Imaging (DITI).  These scans are analyzed and are accompanied by a medical report indicating the likelihood of any inflammatory condition.  It can be an early indication of negative activity.  It also can further support degenerative conditions and often cases of disability.  Use in cases of TMJ, Fibromygelia, Referred Pain Syndrome, RSD, and headaches.  These are often very difficult cases.  It is very helpful to be able to show a measurable distinction in inflammatory activity.  Many of the findings on the DITI lead to medical referrals.

Unlike radioactive scanning, DITI is very safe, and it too shows the problem area.  No scanning tells the health care professional the exact cause of the positive finding nor can it be the end all tool in any diagnosis.  DITI  is a more conservative option before pursuing the more evasive medical imaging using radioactive material and dyes or exposure to magnets and x-rays.

X rays, CT, Ultrasound and MRI are all tests of anatomy that measure the structures of the body.  DITI is unique in its capability to show physiological change and metabolic processes to regions of the body.  It makes no diagnostic measurement as a finding. It is the only method available for visualizing pain and pathology.  It is very cost effective, risk free and provides instant images.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Katherine Crafton treats muscle-skeletal problems related the joint function within the scope of practice of the State of Alabama.  She can provide nutritional therapy to any patient to help improve function and general health. She does not diagnose or treat disease. 

Reports can be made as supportive evidence for auto recovery cases and further documentation to support medical necessity.