"No one in recent history put more of a focus on the value of water as did Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.  His life story and subsequent publications are the most enlightening documentation and explanation on hydration and health.  They are a must read for anyone looking to improve health no matter what your resources.  The medical community does not like what he has to say; they should; you will. "                     Dr. Katherine Crafton
Posture and good health go back to Hippocrates, but it was popularized in the 1970's with Dr. Robert Martin, an Orthopedist and Chiropractor who was seen frequently in the media.  He was also a gymnist.  It was not first popularized by Richard Gere in American Gigolo or by Roger Teeter.  Martin was a gifted teacher and of all doctors, he best advised on the importance of spinal health and how to maintain it inexpensively.  Read The Guiding System.
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Nothing is more important than having a positive attitude.  Forgiveness is critical.  Remember the good times.  Have positive emotional thoughts.  Thankfulness.  Laughter heals. Other than these emotional and spiritual factors, the following seem to be simple, cheap Life Changers if you actually do them.  They can save you money and improve the quality of your life. 

1. There are many opinions on water.  Drops can be added to improve on permeabiity.  Filter qualities vary.  Ph testing can tell you about how acid your water is.  Oxygen reduction potential most aptly describes the healthiest waters source. "This is the electrical potential needed to reduce or slow down rusting and decay (oxidation).  The ORP also represents the reduction capacity to attact active oxygen.  The optimum levels for the human body is between -150 and -400 mV.  The ORP is also closely related to pH levels.  When the pH increases, the ORP also increases.  It is also possible to increase the ORP through electrolysis.  The value depends greatly on the original water supply.  An ideal ORP may not be achieved if the original water has a pH lower than 7.0."  Water with a negative mV and high pH (alkaline) can become an antioxidant just like certain plant and fruit nutrients.   Good options include reverse osmosis filtered water or a home distilled water system able to be sent through an Enagic Kangen water system for the most clean alkaline water.  The worst is city water from the tap.   At least filter your water from chlorine and fluoride if you do nothing else--these chemicals are very harmful to our systems especially with long term use.

The best water is pure distilled water with higher PH or slightly alkaline.   This attracts +ions from the proteins and extracellular inorganic minerals; it cleans and buffers the system.  This water can be measured simply to determine solids, parts per million at zero.

The older you get the more you lose the thirst sensation.  Most older people pass from dehydration caused by loss of sensation and from prescription drugs.  Actually drinking more clean water up to at least 8 glasses daily will be a life changer.  Only some water used in non caffeine herbal tea can count for some of the water; no other fluids should be  used to substitute for the 8 glasses.  Try iced green tea sweetened with stevia drops, with lemon or mint.  Squeeze a lemon into iced water with stevia drops in a restaurant to save money and to stay hydrated.

2. Few get enough sleep.  You need it quiet and completely dark.  Block out all light and use a sleep mask if you must.  Some natural supplements can help with providing deep sleep.  Drink water earlier and vacate before sleep just to give you the best chance for not waking up for elimination.  Sleep 8-10 hours and you will get more out of the waking time, and you will also live longer.

3. Modern houses are toxic without good ventilation and even older houses are toxic for different reasons.  Molds are everywhere.  Houses do not vent well for fresh air.  This does not work as well if you live in a smoggy valley or around industry.  The air is cleaned by rain, sun and electrical charges.  It's healthier around areas with higher vegetation.  Cleaner air with high O2 is the best. When you have good air, develop deep breathing techniques.

   The Sun is our natural source of vitamin D.  Get a little sun every day, but, of course, do not get too much sun.  Polarized lens are helpful.  People spend too much time inside.  We were designed for being outside for most of the day and to live in areas where this can be done.

4. You must move about.  Get moderate exercise and find something you can do that you enjoy.  The best activities are walking, swimming, and cycling.  Tai Chi is very good.  Stretch and  EXTEND during these activities.  They promote balance and have low impact forces.  They can be done by all ages and they do not rob you of healing energy.  Use a rebounder; its cheap and an effective low impact exercise.  The cheap secret to good joint health is to find postures in your daily life that cause you to decompress and extend.  Flexion promotes degeneration and collapse; extension promotes expression and full joint activation.

5. Eat less, eat moderately.  If you did nothing but have very small portions, you would live longer and be healthier.  Try only 2 meals a day with fresh veggie snacks or whole fruits in between.  If you do not intend on improving what you eat, consider that most of what Americans eat is bad for them, so eating 1/3 less of something bad for you, can be considered in itself an improvement.  Convince yourself that it is customary for Americans to eat 2 meals daily.  Most people could eat as much as 1/3 of what they consume.  Digestion robs you of energy and depending on what you eat, does not return nutritional benefits.  It's not as much what you eat, it's more what you can metabolize.  Of course, only foods that can be metabolized are truly foods: all else are toxins.  Fasting can improve your health.  How can you eat more cheaply than "not eating?"

Be suspicious of what is real food, because supermarkets and manufacturers cannot be trusted to avoid fillers and maintain standards.  The only assurances rest in your own garden with natural seeds and organic farming.

Some animals get bigger and bigger in length if they continue to consume and live longer to continue to consume; this is not true with people, we only get more and more bloated and disproportionate and die too soon.  Our digestive tracts are different and are very complex.  Eat in accordance to God's design.

  Eat clean.  Clean your food with clean water.  Use a more high acid water with a brush to clean your food. Eat more raw vegetables and whole fruits.  Eat colorful rich vegetables and fruits, and chew your food thoroughly.  Sprouts are the perfect foods.

These five Life Changers represent 30 years of professional observation and reading volumes of health books.  It is so simple.   You would overcome most diseases.  You no longer need to think you cannot afford to be healthy, or have the best insurance, and purchase the magic pill of the month.