"The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential of an organism.  The increased use of food enzymes promotes a decreased rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential"

The Enzyme Nutrition Axion       

Dr. Edward Howell
At a certain point in your life, aging begins to become important, or at least, how we age becomes what we really mean when we take interest in the quality of our lives.  Simply put, aging well has everything to with lifestyle and genetics.  We do have control over many factors, and we seem to be learning that we have more control than we thought.

I share with my patients what I have learned about nutrition to include into my  practice what can be done.  Our bodies have an ability to adapt to stresses to survive and maintain balance.  It can adapt to stress by enzymatic activity and the triggering of survival genes that influence our ability to make new healthy cells.  Infants and very young adults maintain this balance quite well up to a point, and then on the average we age more rapidly beyond twenty.

In most cases, without intervention, exhaustion, oxidative stress, is greater than our ability to adapt.  Accompanying the aging process is our susceptibility for disease and dysfunction.  What we do to increase vitality and youthfulness is the same thing we need to do to attempt to reverse and avoid diseased conditions. 


Muscle toning is imperative to the anti aging process.  If the patient's muscle tone is youthful, firm, and flexible, the remaining processes are positively affected.  The reverse unfortunately is also true. Your ability to build muscle and maintain strength is imperative to anti aging. 

This is why the Turbosonic is so popular with celebrities, athletes, and is present in so many of the high end anti aging clinics located where the "rich and famous" spa.  Studies are being done to show how certain more passive resistant activities can stimulate the muscle production of its own stem cells, namely the Satellite Cells.

The Turbosonic is very unique exercise equipment using sound waves in a vertical pattern.  These controlled waves are programmed to target the toning of certain muscle groups.  Each cell in the body receives the vibration.  The activity has been shown to keep red blood cells well oxygenated improving all tissues.

"Anti aging has become a science and an area of specialty because it can open new avenues to help us overcome disease.  We can perform  the necessary lab tests to measure telomeres, T-bar count within the cell, and other indicators of the body's internal age rather than its chronological age.  New science has found that certain herbal formulas can operate as an adaptogen to modulate cellular activity.  A Nrf2 or Nuclear activators can turn back the internal clock by stimulating enzymatic activity to counter the natural damage from oxidative stress.  This is the biggest idea in nutrition today, and chemists are scrambling around to artificially control this discovery.  The good news is that it can only be done through the orthomolecular bonds in God's natural phytochemistry kit."

      Dr. Katherine Crafton

"Fitness--If it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body."
                              Cher (1946-   )
"You are as young as you think you are"  is more true than we thought.  Your self image and attitude affect your health profoundly.  You and your physician's expectations are the most influential components of a positive outcome.  Your body will act on those expectations, positive or negative.  I know that you will benefit as I and others  have benefited from following a more natural and innate plan respecting the dignity and perfection in God's creation, YOU.  You can look better, feel better with vitality both on the outside and on the inside.  By taking action, you have expressed your conviction; results will likely follow.  We cannot control everything, but we should control what we can"
               Dr. Katherine Crafton
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