We use a Point of Care CR 140 Kodak scanner which processes our radiographs so they can be viewed, stored, communicated, and analyzed by means of digital technology.  This is done instantly in a chemical free environment. We use a Raytheon Medical Systems MPR 100 high speed C-Arm radiographic equipment.  This is hospital grade equipment and provides for the best quality for specialized and conventional imaging.

Radiographs are required of our patients in most circumstances to assure safety and efficacy.  Dr. D.J. Palmer once said, "To see is to know, to not see is to guess."  We do not guess about any correction being made regarding your spinal health.

Atlas Orthogonal (AO) chiropractors share in a similar upper cervical protocol for taking and analyzing radiographic views.  They are referred to as "stereotactical" radiographs as they represent a three dimensional view of the upper cervical complex taken upon the facet joint plane lines. 

Not all patients require the AO specialized views, but most patients require the basic full spine views.  AO views require more time, analysis, and investment to more specifically adjust the C0-C2 region.

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