Detoxifying the body would include a variety of practices to include sweating, fasting, chelation, colon cleansing, and other practices associated with physical and functional medicine.   Some more commonly found practices include the foot bath and the use of an infrared sauna.  Dr. Sherry Rogers M.D. , Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and a best selling author, believes the most effective device to use for internal body cleansing is the Infrared Sauna.  We agree with her, and we have such a device in our office.  We have a four person MIRacle Infrared Sauna.  Additionally we have Ion Spa 2 person foot spa for foot baths. Both treatments have done a wonderful job in helping our patients overcome toxic overloads.  We have activities to include PEMF, Bemer, and the Turbosonic, a vibrational platform, that increase blood micro-circulation and promote red blood cell de-agglutination which promotes oxygen delivery and waste removal.

Dr. Rogers in her book,
Detoxify or Die, states, "Bio-accumulated toxic load in the human body is responsible for all disease not attributable to bacteria or virus."  This is a challenging notion to the established medical community.  It is not, however, a new concept and represents generations of medical healers who have sought out cleansing as a way to improve the body's ability to overcome restrictions and toxins.  Today we have more toxins in our environment than it could have ever been imagined to include heavy metals, inflammatory non-digested food, chemical additives, and an overwhelming array of parasites, fungi, and molds. 

Ancient healers performed cleansing of the colon with gourds; the Essenes at the time of Christ where a Jewish sect committed to cleanliness and its practices.  Dr. Kellogg and other American physicians build clinics and developed spas where people could cleanse. Dr. Bernard Jensen, the world famous chiropractor and naturopathic physician and author, was well versed in colon cleansing and similar hygienic practices.   Fasting is one of the oldest of all healing practices and should be considered a safe and effective way to recover health.  Natural Hygienists for several generations continue to help people with a variety of afflictions. 

As a natural hygienist, Dr. Katherine Crafton, has similar training, but only practices these techniques with a few patients who may have serious health problems.  The use of the foot spa and the infrared sauna are very safe and easy to use equipment.  Clients often pre-purchase a recommended program of 10-12 sessions.  These programs are often provided in a variety of upscale spas across the country.   They are often found where the spa might have an Esthetician and massage therapists.  Our primary activity is providing chiropractic services, but as a physician providing nutrition therapy, the practice of detoxifying the patient can be considered within her scope of practice.  In any case, detoxification practices are not regulated in the State of Alabama, and do not require any formal training or licensure.  Dr. Katherine Crafton, however, is a natural hygienist and this makes its practice in Mobile, Al.  a unique benefit in any natural recovery.

The health of the colon and the skin are indicators of a person's internal health.  They are essential aspects of the body's elimination system.  A poorly functioning colon and digestive system will produce a poor immune response.  Skins conditions are much more a condition of internal health than they have anything to do with the observable lesions.  The body will eliminate tumors through skin as it does other lesions.  If you cannot sweat well, you are not healthy nor will you be.  You need to be able to have waste pass unrestricted through your body without having the associated toxins accumulate in your fatty tissues.  The cell needs to be able to eliminate its waste, and so does the body.  The practice of nutrition means nothing if you are not dealing with metabolic assimulation of nutrients and the effective elimination of waste.  Even the process of overcoming the natural accumulation of free radicals created by oxidative stress through respiration is to be considered cellular elimination of toxins.  This is the basis behind all aging and the close association of a variety of diseased conditions.

GOT GREEN                          GET GREEN                            DRINK GREEN

To detox your body, the best foods are those with chlorophyll.  It's the green color that represents its detoxifiying qualities.  These benefits transfer from the plant to your body.  Green drinks and foods cleanse the intestinal tract and purify the blood.  Green's Best is easy to prepare, readily available, and tastes great with natural stevia and mint.

Detoxification or purification relates to generations of natural health care associated with internal hygiene.  It is one of critical pillars of health care in any natural healing.
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