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Therapy referral

In the State of Alabama, chiropractors have equity with Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the referral of patients for outside therapy to be  provided by either an Occupational or Physical Therapist.  These professionals maintain a separate licensure to perform adjunctive care in accordance to the diagnose provided by Dr. Katherine.  Regarding your contract with your carrier,  Dr. Katherine can perform or have directed and supervise the same therapy procedural codes in her office under the limitations of your coverage under "chiropractic."  That performed by either an Occupational or Physical Therapist is covered under the limitations of a separate category.  Her chiropractic referral now allows the therapist to receive compensation as they would have in the past from only a medical or dental physician referral.

Now this gives the patient the option to see both the chiropractor and any other professional who can assist in the care that you need all under the supervision of a chiropractor whose goal in always to limit medications and to avoid surgery.  In most cases, your plan of care can be fulfilled without running out of coverage by using other sections of your contract that were not being used, all for your benefit..  Most Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans will give even the most limited chiropractic coverage a greater likelihood of meeting your total  needs for the best reasonable recovery.

Dr. Katherine is currently looking at having a therapist available at her corporate location who can perform this adjunctive care.  These services can be performed at the same time as there chiropractic visit, but will be billed separately for the therapist's services.  This also can afford Dr. Katherine the ability to direct and supervise the procedures in accordance to her diagnosis.  This is seldom done in the same way with a medical doctor referral. Of course, in the medical environment the endgame is always the management of the condition, medications, and the inevitability of surgery since the causes for the condition are seldom addressed.