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A stroke has become the most frequent disabling condition. It is the result of brain damage created by an interrupted blood flow to the brain.  If you survive, you will most likely experience one sided problems, since the central nervous system is right and left sided.  Any recovery is a result of restored brain activity which too often takes time and effort.  It seems like you are performing rehab work to recover peripheral strength.  You are not.  You will be sent home hoping that you can meet your personal needs, such as teeth, dressing, shower, stairs,toilet, and general mobility.  There will be someone there to sell you anything or everything covered by your insurance, walkers, canes, etc.  A basic wheelchair is useless if you cannot use one of your arms.  You may likely be fully handicapped for a long time, but you can improve.

First you must change the health conditions that may have brought you to this point.  Eat  less, drink plenty of water, restore your vessels, establish good blood flow, recover basic strength where you can, learn anything that can help you from falling and hurting yourself, and learn patience.  You more than likely went through rehab.   This can only be a limited activity and your ability to function can be very restricted in walking, use of the affected hand and arm, eating/swallowing, and talking.  You will change to include behaviors influenced by the Sympathetic Nervous System, "fight or flight", trauma to the central nervous system, such as increased long term memory, decreased short term memory, an aging feeling, highly emotional expressions, increased talking (if you can), focusing, sensitivity to cold, blood flow limited to extremities, uncontrolled shaking of a limb during stress or cold environments, emotional mood changes, and an unusually higher post-blood pressure that is nearly impossible to control.  Any diet or nutrition for good heart and brain health is imperative; these conditions are related to "Vascular Health."

You will need to improve oxygen delivery to heal any brain damage.  You need nutritionally targeted intervention. You will need to resume any normal activities you can do to gain any recovery.  Avoid any flexion of the limbs, back and neck--stretch and extend.  Your ankle and wrist will be very restricted.  We need to be familiar with the distinction between neural therapy and physical therapy. Many doctors try stem cell intervention. Many specialized clinics do exist and purport to help, but they will require costs beyond those provided by health insurance.  We personally know of these facilities.  There is little to no guarantee of results but many provide testimonials and share their clinical observations..

We offer Nutritional therapy, detoxification activities, specific safe chiropractic care, Zyto Scanning, heart scanning, brain scanning, Chi machine, Turbosonic, Bremer PEMF, rebounder with a bar, stationary cycling, and low pressure hyperbaric oxygen, HBOT.  They are more affordable and are provided locally in our health clinic.  They can only help, but the recovery is so slow that you need to reconsider eventual home bound activities after you have learned what works for you.  All health activities here are limited providing initial participation and education.  Also look for a swimming pool and/or hot tub for exercising limbs with hydrotherapy and massage therapy (if not a good massage chair).