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A stroke has become the most frequent disabling condition. It is the result of brain damage created by an interrupted blood flow to the brain.  If you survive, you will most likely experience one sided problems, since the central nervous system is right and left sided.  Any recovery is a result of restored brain activity which too often takes time and effort.  It seems like you are performing rehab work to recover periperal strength.  You are not.

First you must change the health conditions that may have brought you to this point.  Eat  less, drink plenty of water, restore your vessels, establish good blood flow,and learn patience. Second, you must start rehab.  A hospital uses plenty of drugs and therapists in accordance to certain preconditions.  What will be your insurance limitations?  What's good for their schedule? Train you to perform basics skills.  Document and safety training to avoid suit. Feed the system with follow up visits.  Here they fade away.  Third, you must invest in recovery. Here we can help with neurotherapy.  The doctor can design a program that fits your time and resources.