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Problem with Medical Care for Musculo-skeletal problems

Issues regarding neck and low back pain, as well as other joint problems, are by nature something that gradually gets worse.  The symptoms come and go; often, pain symptoms are not even expressed in later stage of degeneration.  How unfortunate?  We have a tendency to think that only pain is the indicator of a problem. We think of it as the problem itself.   If there is no pain, there is no problem.  This just does not make any sense to anyone.  Pain is by design to get your attention and to provoke action to change the circumstances that have brought it to this level.

Patient says, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this!”

“Don’t do that,” responds the doctor.

It is more complex than this.  Somewhere both the patient and the physician need to know why.  Truly, everything is causal--happens for a reason.

The medical community knows that most spinal complaints seem to come and go.  Statistically, 90% of all radiculopathy, like sciatica pain is to the low back, resolves within a few months,  and sciatica is a very advanced condition.  Imagine how often things "came and went" prior to the more advanced sciatic pain.  Pain is often set off by some aggravation that in itself is not enough to cause the condition but enough to alert the patient.  Most do not do anything about the real issue.  Medical doctors statistically know that if they can get the patient to wait long enough, the pain will seem to go away.   The medical doctor prescribes medications with the intent to relieve the intensity of the pain and to reduce inflammation.  Both of these medications have negative effects, but they are prescribed so regularly by someone you respect who is friendly and concerned that taking the meds must be the right thing to do.  I just cannot imagine thatthe doctor thinks somehow the problem is corrected.  How could it be?   If you did not take meds, however, the likely outcome would be the same without the negative chemical effects.  The pain would go away but not the underlying issue.  The truth is that the real problem always presents as a “come and go” issue that gradually over time intensifies and becomes more frequent.  By taking the drugs, the patient associates the absence of pain with the medications, but again the truth is that the drugs did not address the problem;  the pain would seem to resolve anyways.  You have been deceived and the condition worsens as you get back to doing all the things that contribute to further degeneration.  But you wanted a quick fix, so you are pleased.

 We must not continually conclude that everything is old age or that it’s in the genes.  Of course, if you do nothing about correcting the problem, it only gets worse.  If you do not take care of yourself, your property, your house, your car, etc., they get worse.  If you do, they look better and run better.

The medical doctors only seem successful in helping you.  They did nothing to help you!   If you never went to see them and did not take the drugs, the outcome is the same, maybe even better overall .   It is better to do nothing than it is to contribute to making you believe the problem is gone .  The problem lies in that no one has done anything about the problem.  Pain was telling you that something is getting worse; absence of the pain does not mean that the circumstances have changed any whatsoever.  You do not even understand why you were having pain in the first place.  It is only logical that if you did nothing significant to change your circumstances, the issue worsens and the next negative symptom is worse and much more difficult to truly correct.

The pain is directly related to compromised joint tissue and irritation sensed by the nerve as its ability to function is also diminished.  It wears irregularly and increases over time and in accordance to stress put upon it during that time.   It goes through stages of being acute and chronic as the nerve function diminishes and atrophies.

Maybe, it is that simple; "Don't do that anymore."

The pressure only become greater and the degeneration only increases with the imbalance to the compromised tissues.  This is why so many perpheral spinal complaints are to one side or the other in that region.  The conditions are inherently determined by progressive and dynamic activities involving balance and load.  When function is compromised, pain will intervene to get your attention.

Chiropractors restore balance and improve function.  The reduction in  pain comes only from a reduction in stress and irritation and not from chronicity.  We are actually doing something  physically by introducing positive forces into the body and thereby allowing the body to stabilize and perform as it was designed.