This recent  Presidential Executive Order signed in the right of terminal patients to try procedures or medications not endorsed by the FDA.  They may or may be not under FDA review, and the patient given "no hope" their right to try something else.  We are not sure what constitutes a "no hope" prognosis, but it seems clear that this endorses the patient's right of choice in his (her) health journey.  Of course, we do want patients to make informed choices and avoid anyone trying to take advantage.  However, it could be as easily argued that the present situation of restricting choices and the imposition of government monopolies on sick and desperate citizens is in itself the real enemy.. 

It does make it more encouraging for us to share various treatments and natural health options whenever asked even if we do not provide them in our office.
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As a separate part of our Chiropractic treatment, we offer alternative natural health activities in any reasonable attempt to improve ones present condition using nutritional supplementation, dietary recommendations, lifestyle advice, education, and the utilization of a variety of health equipment.  Many chiropractors across the state and nation offer these same or like activities as a diversified aspect of their operation.  As a result, you should compare the facility to other facilities and inquire regarding costs.  One should never assume that any chiropractor or medical doctor has enough knowledge of natural health and nutrition just because of their formal education, but this knowledge is only acquired by experience, association, and further self-education.  These activities are never covered by any health insurance and often are provided by nonprofessionals and professionals from clinical doctors to private citizens because the activities require no specialized education, such as there are small businesses that offer similar natural alternative health activities like colon cleansing, massage chairs, foot baths, saunas, hydrotherapy, low pressure hyperbaric oxygen HBOT, transdermal testing of systems, ozone gas therapy, thermal imaging, benign infrared/LED lights/EMF delivery, etc.; all are available to the general public based on the owner's own interest, cost, physical facility's limitations, skills, and his/her business model.  

There exists a community of like-minded people who value natural health electing to shop, participate, and generally live electing what they view as a healthier lifestyle choosing from "organic, natural, chemical free, vegan", etc.   As Chiropractors, we have found that this unique smaller community is more likely to utilize these services.   Our specific chiropractic practice does seem to attract a few people who typically see chiropractors or are attracted to natural health activities, but most all seem to share some discouragement in what they have experienced from the "hospital oriented medical community".  We may suggest the use of these activities as the chiropractic patient expresses an interest in these activities, in the purchase of equipment that might be more affordable for home use, or by services other than what can be made available in our office.

Any equipment supporting a general health activity in our office was acquired by our participation in Functional, Environmental, Integrated Medical, Chiropractic, and a variety of professional conferences available at expositions across the country.  The participants vary from specialized medical doctors (Cardiologists), general practice (MD, DO), chiropractors (DC), therapists (PT,OT), massage therapists (MT)), naturopaths (NT), and even lay-people with or without various health conditions.  All participants share in their common interest in seeking natural alternatives to help others or themselves.   These participants return to their home having purchased something for own use or others to their businesses sharing with their customers (clients).  A certain portion of health professionals acquire items for their clientele, but keep it separate and distinct as required.  

All of these equipment choices can be purchased by any participant at the same cost; of course, this is very different from the medical equipment which would include the acquisition things like a CT SCAN, MRI, or THE GAMMA KNIFE.  These are very expense, very controlled, and require very professional training.  We acquired what specific treatment chiropractic equipment we use, as do all chiropractors, in a manner that is surprisingly easy to be made available to the general public; this is because this therapy equipment is much more affordable by comparison and inherently safe.  The only strictly controlled equipment in a chiropractic office is the basic x ray which is controlled by the state where it is installed requiring no formal certification but whose final installation and regulation is licensed by the state upon inspection.  One can only imagine the cost and regulation involved in the medical community.

As chiropractic patients, these individuals may share various health challenges either resolved or unresolved from weight gain, high blood pressure, fatigue, diabetes, stroke, and various discouraging conditions. We may have been told about their complaints, or we may have been told about any identifiers to any condition, such as those medically diagnosed as Ischemic Stroke, Diabetes II, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme's, Muscular Sclerosis or Fibromyalgia, etc.  WE DO NOT DIAGNOSE DISEASE OR LABEL THIS CONDITION; WE DO NOT TREAT DISEASE.  For example,  "Arthritis" which means the inflammation of a joint may be influencing ones function;  improved long term nutrition might improve function and lessen pain, as well as chiropractic manipulations and targeted exercise are often given by the chiropractor.  These activities cannot mean we are diagnosing the "arthritis" or treating the "arthritis".   As chiropractors, we can use an insurance diagnostic code for "arthritis" as ones justification to deliver a "manipulation", but it's not meant to imply that we are the type of clinical doctor who purports to "treat" this condition or any "medical" condition through prescribed/controlled medication or surgery, all of which have risks often required to be delivered from a pharmacy or in a hospital under their controlled environment.

These health activities are kept distinct from the professional business as these health activities can be offered totally outside any profession.  The Chiropractic aspect requires formal SOAP notes for each chiropractic "visitation".  Chiropractic procedures have specific numbered codes that are assigned a brief description and are attached a specific fee by the provider.  Depending on our choice of "insurers", our office uses Blue Cross; these fees are controlled and we are governed by Blue Cross. These codes and notes are called the "Medical Records" that are made available on requests (releases) for specific documentation.   These are in no way required to look like the records from the medical community but  reflect a very limited timed activity in a chiropractic-therapy-like environment.  Other information specific to the "patient" is kept in ones file to often include copies of another provider's records sent to provide information and a confirmation of ones history, but it is not to be assumed that we are validating or treating any condition identified by the appropriate doctor of record. 

If when asked, a chiropractic patient who elects to participate in the health activities, will be required to present some statement or release if it is discovered that any other provider is currently treating them formally as a plan of care or merely as an occasional maintenance patient.  In accordance to our own guidelines, the patient has to make clear to us that they are released, stopped treatment, or refused treatment totally independent of our efforts.  WE NEVER TELL A PATIENT TO STOP MEDICATION, BUT THAT IT BE MONITORED ONLY BY THEIR PRESCRIBING MEDICAL DOCTOR.

Regarding any non-governed health activity, however, no "medical records" are required or kept.  The chiropractor in this operation may only occasionally monitor the facility's use and your general well being; but we chose to not confuse these activities with the specific chiropractic treatment or that we are making "medical" specific interventions.  Any non-governed activity is to be viewed no differently than how it is monitored by a health store owner selling nutritional supplements, a foot bath in the side room, or Zyto scan helping in the selection of product or lifestyle advice. There can be no specific professional observation other than financial records showing what was purchased as an activity or supplement. These records can only show proof that the client received activities as to determine refunds as with any retail operation.

You must be a chiropractic patient to participate in the health program.  If you commit to 1 month (20 days a month), we will provide chiropractic treatment included in the costs or if you have active BCBS insurance, we will file but we will use your prepaid funds to pay the co-pay/co-insurance.

For the extended program, 1 month at a time, you are paying for 8 hours a day, no matter how long you stay or participate in activities.  Make up days are provided for closings, two personal days, extreme weather, and holidays.

These statements are offered as a clarification of terms and a mutual understanding of any health intervention you may elect.  We do not wish to restrict those who are undergoing any serious challenges, but we wish to clarify any realistic restraints inherent in our profession.  Together we will have to go through a consultation to answer questions and establish terms and conditions as they relate to all parties involved in your health, well being and to the extent of your participation.


1. No health program will exceed 3 continuous months (20 days per month)

2. The goal is to prepare you for a lifestyle change on your own as any provider hopes to send you home with a personal plan for continued recovery.  We hope to change your activities significantly depending on your health goals.

3. If you elect any conflicting medical intervention, that's okay, but we must release you

4. If you are unable to perform the activities without assistance, we must release you.

5. All activities are supervised, but are not "assisted"

6. All health activities are for detox (cleanse), natural hygiene, education, nutritional support, and to improve metabolic and cellular function described in the provided literature.

7. Most all activities are made available individually or at a more cost effective group rate.

8. These activities are scheduled outside the chiropractor's schedule with a lay-person familiar with the activity as its direct supervisor

9. You will participate alongside others who may have different issues to varied degrees.

10. Some activities cost more because of the time and cost of the equipment.

11. Upon any early exit, you are held to the individual retail cost of what you received including chiropractic treatment, less any amount held in prepayment at the group rate.

12. Anything performed in this office is subject to your inquiry into the medical approval before you begin.  This is your option to guide any decision you make; if you are at all concerned, please seek any outside opinion that you value.  

13.  Most are quite casual about their participation in a natural health program since they were previously familiar with the governing principles and sought participation in such activities.  Some have varied degrees of apprehension depending on their experiences, belief system, and health status.

14. We don't want you involved, collect funds, and manage funds, if you are not eager to go through these activities and pay for them.  We do not want to feel pressured to help you because of the eagerness of close-ones or an obligation to family or other patients.  We would much rather you keep the limited small money if you do not intend to complete the process, since little is to be gained.

15. We do not advertise either chiropractic or health activities other than our chiropractic sign and our educational webpage and Facebook and we are currently unsure where we can find the time to assist new patients.

16. You and others close to you may be asked to sign a disclaimer.  This is done to further any mutual understanding and to affirm that the degree of your combined apprehension may exclude your participation.  Grief, ignorance, greed, and opportunism have played into more extended participation with greater health challenges by the client leading to poorer outcomes..

17. Specific targeted Medical blood tests may be administered through outside sources. These tests are drawn and read by medical doctors to help direct any of our activity.  The chiropractor can help in the interpretation of these medical findings to help determine our mutual willingness to continue.  Only medical facilities have access to life support systems. All emergency patients are sent to the medical community first upon any new discovery and released with their permission to resume, if at all.

18. No decisions are made initially.  We will have a consultation at a specific cost for you to ask questions and make professional inquiries after having read this on our website or as a document from our office.  You may be asked to first schedule a thermal scan, Zyto testing and/or a blood test before we can begin where you are expected to incur these costs, and the results are used as a condition of acceptance. All of your costs will be discussed at this consultation as we wait for findings.

19. Outcomes are dependent upon your condition, past medical interventions, length of time having these problems, your ability or willingness to transform habits, and your expressed convictions.  For some challenges, all must be in place.

20. Under any circumstances, there can be no guarantee of satisfactory outcomes.