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Durable Medical

Durable Medical Equipment is an option provided for by most major health plans.  It is a separate, distinct catagory for benefits requiring a prescription from a primary physician.   Dr. Katherine is able to prescribe devices and an active treatment program specifically for you based on medical necessity.  Pre-authorization is required from your carrier.

We are in the process of forming a separate company that can provide the supply of these devices.  The patient can always fulfill that prescription from any authorized supplier who maintains an active license by the State of Alabama. 

Dr. Katherine has experience with equipment that has helped our patients, and would like that you use these devices in accordance to her treatment plan so you can recover more quickly to return to a pain free and active lifestyle. 

"Following an active care program, home based care, saves the patient money and demonstrates that the only true recovery comes from the patient's willingness to change their lifestyle and take control over their own health."    Dr. Katherine Crafton

These activities could include assisting with:

          Neck support             Hot/Cold              EMS devices
          Cervical Traction       Orthodotics         Lumbar Supports
          CPM devices              Braces                 Lumbar Traction
          Thoracic rolls

From quality medical grade manufacturers:

        Posture Pump      Neck Pro        Foot Levelers
        Imak                     Caldera          American Medical CPM
   Trainer           Tetter Hang Ups
        Therapeutica        Stamina Pilates